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April 28 Perkiomenville Being actually alive does not feel as good as I imagined the relief of being dead would feel and therefore I have anxiety and dread, or is it disappointment.  I feel like a failure when I am … Continue reading

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Clever Me

March 22   Clever Me   I am clever, I am so clever, everyone knows it and I know it, too.  So, why do I get slam stuck on the very simple things required to keep my life running smoothly?  … Continue reading

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May 21   CHOICE     Growth is my decision.  I don’t need conflict or catastrophe to bring me to change.  I choose each day come what may, to roll out the refuse.  I am not tempted to leave it … Continue reading

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Canine Comprehension

October 22   Canine Comprehension     I wonder what it is that the dog knows.  True love, quantum physics, the ratio of lift to thrust required to make the ball fly, how food shared from my plate is better … Continue reading

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Bowman Beach

October 17       BowmanBeach     The swirl with the flash of teeth that I backed away from turned out to be dolphin, but that didn’t make me safer, strangers are strangers no matter who their PR team … Continue reading

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September 30       Moniker     The Hurt carry on the tradition, would never think to give it up, don’t even know there is that option, strap on their weapons without a second thought.  How can there be … Continue reading

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I Beg

August 7       I Beg     The embarrassment of need is a haunting guest who will not leave.  I turn in a tight circle trying to find a way to detach  this wart and move gracefully from … Continue reading

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