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May 20   STRETCHING Stretching is not equivalent to change.  Limbering is nice and warms the muscles, body and soul.  Over-reaching, over-compensation is trauma; it distorts the symmetry and breeds erroneous thinking.  Extension beyond the bounds sets me up for … Continue reading

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April 27 Blinded Alcoholism hits me like a kind of blindness.  I stagger through the living room cursing anyone who changes familiar placement or published timetables. Just like every aspect of this disease, shocked sightlessness, is mine to deal with.  … Continue reading

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The Key You See

April 11 The Key You See The key you see is letting you, accept me.  Oh, how I hide from that, run from that, flee from that.  I must be in control of what you think of me.  I curtain … Continue reading

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Stumbling Under the Tenth Step

April 10 Stumbling Under the Tenth Step When I’ve been outside of my mind it is so hard to tell when I’ve come home again.  The landmarks take on such distortion in memory that the facts seem bloated or anorexic … Continue reading

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November 9   CLINGING       Large bugs cling to the soffits, upside down, as an alternative to the rain soaked landscape.  I salute their efforts to find security in a shrinking list of possible locations.  Awkward situations place … Continue reading

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May 21   CHOICE     Growth is my decision.  I don’t need conflict or catastrophe to bring me to change.  I choose each day come what may, to roll out the refuse.  I am not tempted to leave it … Continue reading

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You are Allowed to Close Windows or Leave them Open

  March 8   YOU ARE ALLOWED TO CLOSE WINDOWS OR KEEP THEM OPEN         Not every open window offers a warm and welcome breeze.  There are windows, which greet with artic blast and little else.  Frosted … Continue reading

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