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April 27 Blinded Alcoholism hits me like a kind of blindness.  I stagger through the living room cursing anyone who changes familiar placement or published timetables. Just like every aspect of this disease, shocked sightlessness, is mine to deal with.  … Continue reading

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August 25 AUTUMN The falling leaves slap my hand as I ride the road at fifty miles per, my arm dangling The trees are shedding their masquerade Exposed they stand stark, stripped Naked to the soul The growth of this … Continue reading

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The Order

March 25     THE ORDER   I can’t expect delivery if I haven’t placed the order.  I never seem to know what I want until after I have accepted something else.  I can remember thinking order meant procedure not … Continue reading

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Precious Cargo

November 30     Precious Cargo   Do I carry myself as well as I could?  Do I understand the value of what is contained within me?  This journey matters, it requires my attention and comprehension, if only I am … Continue reading

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July 21       Rules   There are rules about breaking rules.  You can do it this way, but must not that way.  Cross this line and you get dragons; cross that line you get a good natured slap … Continue reading

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April 16   NAPPING     Too often, I have lifted the edge of the lawn in an attempt to join the worms for a bit of a dirt nap.  Or I crawled into a self-constructed cave to bear my … Continue reading

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The Wall of Pleasant

March 11   THE WALL OF PLEASANT         How quickly I am protected by a sweet smile.  A disarming countenance and a gentle phrase save my skin and psyche.  No longer do I defend my reputation as … Continue reading

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