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April 27 Blinded Alcoholism hits me like a kind of blindness.  I stagger through the living room cursing anyone who changes familiar placement or published timetables. Just like every aspect of this disease, shocked sightlessness, is mine to deal with.  … Continue reading

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October 24     Spectrum   The quality of the poetry is so dependant on the quality of the lighting.  Improve the color palette and yes, you’ve guessed the result.  So, I say to you, “Turn up the lights.  Do … Continue reading

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  February 27   Adjustment     The chase is on, round and round it goes and where it stops no one knows.  I run after control and change as I grasp, but can never quite get my fingers wrapped … Continue reading

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I Beg

August 7       I Beg     The embarrassment of need is a haunting guest who will not leave.  I turn in a tight circle trying to find a way to detach  this wart and move gracefully from … Continue reading

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Cicatrix and Love

July 18     Cicatrix and Love       The mark left by injury is indelible though it may heal, the consequence remains.  This is also true of love.  I am branded and changed by your affection.  The improvement … Continue reading

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Old Nasty

July 13       Old Nasty     My addiction is like a Percheron, bigger and more powerful than I am, but what I have learned is that if I treat this horse with due respect and a guiding … Continue reading

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The Tide in Texas

June 24         The Tide inTexas       I cannot tell you of my pain, how the liars took me off my land, how my heart lay shattered all around, how I’m so foolish and left … Continue reading

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