About Sherrie Theriault

Cover art for "Fill Me In"I embrace contradiction and try to illuminate the dark without losing the shadows. The years I spent in the waters of the Outer Banks, the daughter of a drug dealer, afforded me a mainline infusion of chaos and tranquility. I believe it is possible to tell the truth and still improve; writing affords me the opportunity to try this without the embarrassment of having to drag a soapbox to the nearest corner. I also write villain free fiction for children. Diversity is a rich treasure we can’t live without, no matter what I am writing that is what I am saying. I work daily to give voice to diversity, for isn’t that the gift beyond measure. Please find the art which coordinates with the words in this book at SerendipitousGallery.com I hope it will delight your mind your eye and your soul.This is the cover art for "Sober on the Way to Sane"


19 Responses to About Sherrie Theriault

  1. amethyst35 says:

    Happy New Year! LOVE your blog, I think I was attracted b/c we seem to have a similar style…I will keep returning, I want to read it all!
    Thanks for puttin your life out there

    • Delighted that you like it! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

      • it was a pleasure reading your blog i do read some when i get the chance and write on my own aswell sometimes.i think its nice to tell someone you like there work if you have enjoyed it then they know its been worthwhile writing it and it spurs them on to write more and feel proud about there achievements in life.

    • Thank you, it is quite meaningful to hear from people who read my work. Writing is wonderful and I love it, but it can be isolating at times. I understand why many actors prefer the stage to film; the connection is immediate rather than truncated or nonexistent. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. Today I am working on my presentation for the Newark Women’s Retreat and I realized the other thing…..some times it is easier to post the words and hide in anonymity rather than stand in front of crowds of people and have to witness their initial reactions…..it’s a double edged sword, this living stuff.

  2. Lindy Lee says:

    Your “Ping Pong Balls and Possession” is every bit as agreeable to me as your “About Sherrie T”…
    Thank you.
    Poetic Licensee
    Posts by Lindy Lee

  3. I have nominated you for the ABC Award. Feel free to decline, but if you choose to accept, visit this link for details…

  4. The Outer Banks is indeed an amazing place. I find muses there.

  5. Hey Sherrie! I’m unable to get to the comments form on your “Strong Words” post.

  6. I read your words and I feel like you read my mind, or you have succeeded in putting into words the thoughts I have failed to pen. BRAVA!!!

  7. kikischeuer says:

    Awesome pic, Sherrie!!

  8. Ink Pastries says:

    Your writing is inspiring to say the least – I’m glad The Hook sent me over! I am now following and I don’t follow many. Wondering about the italic quotes between poems – are they from you or others?

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