January 30





What if the word God is like the word nurse?  What if the person is only the simple meaning?  The actor doing the service, the plain act, uncontrollable from my end.  What if my active part of God is the same as my active part of nurse?  What I draw down; how I schedule myself to be ready when the milk arrives?  How I pull and am satisfied, digest and draw again, like the sea laps at the shore, the moon tugging it all the while.  What if God is about my hunger, satisfaction dependent on finding a suitable teat?

Maybe this is why, when it comes to God, much of what I do is cry.  When faced with my need, I open my mouth, finding only two possible responses: suck or scream.  My aching consumes me and I don’t know how to calm myself.  I look for the caretaker, the person, the deed.  I need succor, but never look for the breast.  I am the child of God; I must learn to draw God in.



Paint a picture of life after expectation.





  1. Physics.  The tendency of a body to resist acceleration.

The tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest

  • or of a body in straight line motion to stay in

motion in a straight line unless acted on by an

  • outside force. Resistance or disinclination to

motion, action, or change.

This force is real; the laws that govern it act on me for well and ill.

When I’m on a roll it’s hard to guide me

and like the girl with the curl; when I’m stuck,

I’m very, very stuck and it’s awful.

I am bound by this reality and go or stay according to what is set

in motion or stopped, but what about ‘the outside force’?

Am I in charge of summoning ‘it’ or is ‘it’ summonable at all?

Will ‘it’ obey like the dog, or obey like the cat?

Or is ‘it’ more random than the rain?

Can ‘it’ be lured or tempted or does ‘it lure and tempt me?

And the biggest questions on my mind:

Is ‘the outside force’ also subject to inertia?

Are we in this together?

What is ‘its’ outside force?

Might it have something to do with me?



You are reading selections from Sober on the Way to Sane and More Lines From My Life by Sherrie Theriault


About Sherrie Theriault

Sherrie Theriault, writer and outsider artist lives in northwest New Jersey where she writes villain-free fiction for children and young adults, creates coloring books for all ages, writes daily inspiration books for the recovery community and has other works of collected poetry; also adult fiction. Books available on include the following: Cala Mae The Deep Dark Day In The Congenial Chronicles The Holland’s Adventure Fill Me In Fill Me In, Too Filled In Sober on the Way to Sane More Sober on the Way to Sane Lines from My Life More Lines from My Life On-Liners to Live By My Sponsor Said… Elissa: Queen of Carthage Was Love Lost Order of Protection The Story Precedes the Question Can You See? What the Birdies Told Me about You What the Birdies Told Me about You Coloring book The Enchanting Dog Sherrie’s books are available at Blue Stockings, Manhattan, NY, The Clinton Book Shoppe, Clinton, New Jersey, Giovanni’s Room, Philadelphia, PA, Easy Does It in Long Beach, CA and The Latest Thing in Costa Mesa, Ca. You can find Sherrie’s art work at Hang-Ups Gallery in Allentown, PA or online at: Please feel free to contact her there if you have any questions.
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